Monday, February 3, 2014

Going to the Dogs - Super Bowl 2014!

At $4 million a minute, Super Bowl advertisers were playing it safe last night by going with the perceived loves of the American male -- cars, beer, and dogs, lots of dogs. I saw dogs being adopted, dogs driving cars, dogs drinking beer, dogs being cross-bred -- the Audi Doberhuahua commercial was hilarious. Except for an ad where a man and woman get a car that apparently comes with Laurence Fishburne as an added feature, the wonderful all inclusive Coke commercial, and the soldier returning home ad by Budweiser, I saw very few women and children. Perhaps it was all those chicken wings I ate or that third glass of wine but by 9:30, early to bed seemed a swell idea.

At half-time I watched the always engaging Puppy Bowl. I can't remember if it was at the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl that I saw footage of Michelle Obama on the White House lawn frolicking with children and puppies, lots of puppies. Speaking of playing it safe, the First Lady's cause of good diet and exercise is a bit comfy. I imagine if the children of the poor had private chefs and personal trainers, they would be looking very trim.

This morning I watched the Cheerios interracial family commercial on the Internet. Congratulations to their ad manager for including a woman and a child in the ad though even the little girl named Gracie asks for a puppy. I also watched the Budweiser canine commercial about palship between a horse and a dog. Apparently, a dog is also a horse's best friend.

I'm glad so much affection was represented in the Super Bowl ads. I only wish more of it had been directed toward women, children -- and even a kitty kat or two. I'd elaborate more but it's time for me to walk my dog

Happy day after Super Bowl to sports fans and cat lovers everywhere!

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