Sunday, February 11, 2018

Politics & Plums

I intended to write a very serious blog post about protest poetry. In it, I was going to share my view on whether political poems are best when specific or when abstract. Recently, I read three books of poetry, two contained protest poems, one did not. Personally, I feel a poem is diminished by the name Trump appearing in it. Any synonym for demagogue seems preferable. Contemporary readers know exactly who the poet means, and future readers can apply the same poem to whatever soulless despot Providence asks their generation to endure. Presumably, mankind will not be perfected for several millennia.

Yes, it was going to be a very serious blog post indeed (excerpts, quotes, that sort of thing). Then something swell happened. In one day I saw my two favorite words, one in a newspaper article and the other in a magazine. It is not possible for me to keep from smiling when I see or hear the word "kerfuffle." Just saying kerfuffle makes me giggle. "Slivovitz," the name of plum brandy, has the same effect on me. Perhaps, even more so, as I'm especially fond of brandy - and of plums. I am very grateful for words like kerfuffle and slivovitz. They help me forget, momentarily, words like Trump. And the odd impulse to write "very serious" blog posts. I won't forget to vote in the November midterm elections. I hope you won't forget either.

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