Thursday, November 10, 2011

Before Dark

“Home before dark,” our mother’s voice
trails after my brother and me like a kite tail
as we scamper to stickball. Sundown
happens too soon so we run to the blue
house as if our lives depend on time.
After supper, in the hallway, I hear
“She’s got to stop following me around”
and imagine his pals poking fun at
a skinny kid sister tagging along.

Today, I can’t help it; I’m happy.
God knows why.
I’m holding on to heaven.
If I let go, what’s there? Nothing
but memory and pain.
I confess I’ve been unfaithful
to my dreams and my stories,
leaving them alone and unwritten
in the distant shimmering house,
the house they burst forward from,
rushing and true. I have to keep writing.
That’s how it is, before dark…

Copyright 2011 Barbara Alfaro



  1. Oh I loved this one, beautiful Barbara. I have also been unfaithful to my dreams and my stories. However, some dreams have just been too difficult to live with, and some stories too scary too get involved with. Thankfully there are always more dreams and stories to pursue, like you say, before dark.

  2. Hi Phanto, Thanks so much. And you are so right - "there are always more dreams and stories." I have an advantage in that I'm retired so for the first time in my life writing is now my "day job."

  3. Writing is your day job. Oh, I envy you! : ^ )