Sunday, June 29, 2014

Author to Author: Paying It Forward

My friend and fellow author Claire Hennessy tagged me in her Author to Author: Paying It Forward post with the understanding that I would pay it forward by introducing writers to my readers that they might not have discovered yet. Before I introduce several of my favorite authors I'm going to answer the four questions that go with being tagged in this blog hop.

What are you working on?

I am working on a novel tentatively titled "Roses and Vices."

How does your work differ from others in the genre? 

My novel is different from most fiction because it falls into the paranormal category.

Why do you write what you write? 

Because writing is a joy for me.

How does your writing process work?

Up until this point, I have always written poetry and essays and the beginnings of both, usually the first few lines appear in my mind. Then, I know it's up to me to complete the rest of the work. But, writing fiction is a new challenge for me. Still, the process is the same -- description, dialog or narrative appear in my mind. I wish I could say that I write in the mornings and then, in the afternoons, edit what I've written but I am simply not that organized. I write idiosyncratically. Days or even weeks of very little writing then, suddenly, a storm of creative writing morning, noon, and night. During these productive times, I also experience the famous writers' three a.m. inspirations that I write down or record. I noticed a long time ago that creativity is like a snoring husband, it won't let you sleep.

Now, here are the book titles of three of my favorite writers.

To purchase book click here.

Cruising Panama's Canal by my friends Sunny and Al Lockwood is an entertaining and informative travel book. In July, 2012, the Lockwoods were involved in a car accident. As Sunny says, this brought home the realization that it was time to start doing the things they talked about doing "someday." A cruise through the Panama Canal topped their bucket list and, as they are both writers, they decided to write about their cruise and a travel book with a true sense of fun resulted.

The Sun Zebra by R. Garcia

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This collection of stories about a little girl named Nell, her loving mother Rhonda, and her father, the narrator, is original, and filled with a gentle humor. There are adventures about a horse, a cicada, and a chubby squirrel. The stories are for adults and for children and there is so much love of family and love of nature echoing through them they are a joy to read.

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