Monday, September 28, 2015

Spooky & Kooky & Surreal Stories

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This collection by my friend Carla Sarett is a delight from the first story, “My Name on It,” where a conference room is described as smelling “like dead roses and coffee” to the last story in which an academic learns from his pupils. In the other stories you will meet a robot cat, a scarily too trusting woman, a real cat who appreciates classical music, young lovers, middle-aged lovers, and an eight year old boy. The boy appears in “Stranger in Paradise,” my favorite story in the collection. In this exquisitely crafted short story the author describes the little boy wearing a Spider-Man costume as follows: “His suit was neon red, and he glowed in the dark, like a tiny supernatural being, with twinkling stars behind him.” Spooky & Kooky Tales is perfect for mystery lovers, cat lovers, and anyone who enjoys short stories imbued with intelligence, wit, and surprise.

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